Make a House Your Home in 5 Easy Steps

You’ve successfully moved. You are in your new house or apartment and you are ready to relax! But it’s hard to relax when you don’t feel like you belong. I have good news though! Yours truly, The Moving Guru is here to solve all your problems in five easy steps.

  1. COLOR – pick a neutral color and then decide to really love it, because you will be using every shade of that neutral color in every piece of furniture, rug, and blanket that you purchase.
  2. GREENERY – most rental houses or apartments have open cabinet tops and these are the perfect places to bring life to your home by throwing up some luscious greenery boughs. Mini lit trees can go in a few random corners to brighten, lighten and bring movement throughout the house. Life in each room is essential. (Even if the life is fake, it still counts as life!)
  3. FURNITURE – Collect furniture that is very utilitarian in nature. It must withstand traveling long distances, handle sitting in a storage unit for indiscriminate amounts of time, and can serve more than one purpose. A trunk that can be blanket storage at the end of a bed, a coffee table, or a TV stand. A sofa table that can be used as a buffet, an entryway piece or again, a TV stand.
  4. CONTINUITY – The most important part of the whole equation is to maintain continuity. Have a theme you love and maintain that look across the board. This way any picture, nick-knack or decoration piece can fit in any room, in any kind of house. The house maintains a stream-lined appearance and flows easily from room to room.
  5. FUN – with your neutral and smooth-feeling foundation in place, you can easily throw in a few little fun accents here and there. The world is your oyster with this last step. Feeling fresh and light for spring? Throw some daisies in a vase. Change up the throw pillows on the sofa. Find some fresh dishcloths. So easy, so cheap and SO EFFECTIVE.

Most importantly, collect what you love and you will love your new house. Have fun!

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