This is Not A Last-Minute Valentine’s Idea List

Happy Valentines Day!

If you’ve clicked here hoping to find a list of cute last-minute ways to celebrate your better half, your best gal or yourself, this is not the right place to be. Today I want to celebrate The Good Men.

There are Good Men out there.

Sometimes I fear that today’s society has beat the Good Men down.

Good Men work hard, are smart, strong, capable and skilled because they care so much about their people, their families. Good Men will literally do anything to ensure their people are happy. But they do not require “Me Time,” special accolades, more pay, or post lengthy diatribes on Facebook groups about how under-appreciated they feel.

The Good Men wake up early, put on their boots whether its negative ten degrees and snowing, or 95 degrees with 100% humidity and go to work. Sometimes even six or seven days a week.

They teach their sons and daughters how to be good members of society, with morals, standards and respect for their fellow humans.

They wrestle with their kids, giving them that rough and tumble, hands-on interaction that women are mostly incapable of providing…a need of which kids have psychologically and developmentally.

These Good Men take the time to talk, to listen and are willing to show sensitivity to the people they love.

They inspire, support and cheer on the ones they love.

These Good Men never cross lines. They have a handle on themselves, even when pushed.

They never stop showing their love, in their own special little ways.

Here’s to The Good Men out there. You ARE admired, you ARE respected and you ARE noticed.

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