Hello there!

I’m all about learning how to accept life’s curveballs with class and tenacity. I love learning how to take personal struggles and crafting our best selves out of those struggles and changes. Oooo! Might we even say creating pearls out of grit?

Real life is not perfect.

Real life can be messy.

Real life can also be beautiful!

But we have to learn how to create a healthy mental, emotional, and physical self so that we are able to recognize the beauty in our challenges.

We control our circumstances, we don’t allow circumstance to control us.

I am a mom, a wife, a daughter, a student, a friend, a horse-crazy girl, and a writer who offers a unique perspective as I write from the road where I get to meet and love all kinds of people, places and experiences.

If you love to have a good time, don’t mind a little emotion and can handle mediocre photography, stick around!

Welcome to Pearls and Grit!